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Police Injure Two at Anti-Liberal Rally
COA Expects Large Emberton Delegation
Euran Central Bank Seizes Intercity Rail
BARTEWICK -- The government defaulted on several billion dollars' worth of debt to the Euran government, forcing the Euran Central Bank to claim several government assets - including Civil Citizenry's second-largest rail company. Intercity Rail, a high-speed train service that connects forty-two cities, was the major asset seized by the ECB, located in the FSSO. A recent Rayburn's Richest assessment puts Intercity's value at just over eleven billion dollars.

​​The seizure could have devastating effects on the national economy. ​Short-term lending rates have shot up since the (relatively small) default, as banks realize large, risky loans will likely no longer be backed by the government. However, the market is most frustrated with the fact that a large portion of the rail industry - one of the largest in the nation, and one of the most unique on a global scale - is in the hands of foreigners.

The ECB has not announced any plans to change the way Intercity does business. But worries abound that they will end some travel services to cut costs​​. Intercity is a popular train line for businesspeople and tourists, partially because they serve many cities; some analysts say the ECB is likely to cut spending by removing some cities from their channels, which would hurt the company's reputation. Above all, Warwick & Meldon financial analyst Mead Bundy says, "If people lose trust in the rail industry and its companies, the entire economy's going to down in shambles."
BARTEWICK -- The success of the Citiz delegation at the Neverend Winter Olympics has prompted the Citiz Olympic Administration to design a larger delegation to the upcoming Emberton Summer Games. After sending 263 athletes to Lasft, Cafundéu, the COA expects over three hundred athletes will wear the emblematic red uniform. The goal is to improve on the Citiz' debut standing of six medals and eight bronzes, good for twenty-fifth on the Lasft medal table.

The Emberton Olympics will be the first time the Citiz send a gymnastics delegation. ​​The Citiz Olympic trials will be held soon in Sherwood, and much hope will be placed on the slim shoulders of Fay Alvar, a 24-year-old from Westwold County. However, gymnastics followers throughout the nation - like the rest of the world, there are few - say there is no Citiz gymnast who could compete for a medal in Krytenia.

Several medal-winners will return for another shot at the podium. Horton Nelson, winner of three medals in Lasft, will race for more in the pools of Emberton; he will be flanked by backstroke expert Rudyard Cutler, the anchor on the 4x200 meter freestyle relay bronze-medal squad. ​​On the women's side, 35-year-old Saxona Alston will also be returning, looking to reclaim her title in the 100 meter backstroke. Ivy Kelson, who captivated the nation on route to the women's tennis gold medal, will have to fight through the competitive Citiz  Championship Circuit to qualify for a spot.

In a press release, the COA stated there were a few events it hopes the delegation will succeed in. Besides the usual fortes - tennis, aquatics, and sailing - medalling is the expectation in all the racquet sports, basketball, and volleyball, as well as a defense of the women's handball gold. 
SHERWOOD -- A rally hosted here by the Monarchist Party turned sour when gatherers threatened to march all the way to Briarshaw to protest the Westermere County government. Recognizing the growing volatility at the rally, as well as the dangers of such a march, county police came in to break up the rally. Several attendees become infuriated and attacked policemen, who used pepper spray and other instruments to beat back the angry Monarchists. Two civilians were taken to the hospital.

In a country known for its general political stability, this is one of the first signs of political unrest turning violent. Though the injured people are expected to be released from the hospital within days, the incident has wider effects than just those personally affected.

The Monarchists have long been vocal against the Liberal Party, because the Liberals place huge emphasis on spreading the power of the executive government​​​​ while ignoring the supposed power of royal system. Its members are beginning to speak up more now that the Liberals, led by unpopular Prime Minister Gordon Dyer, have helped put the nation in great debt, especially to foreign nations like the FSSO.

​​No one is sure what kind of repercussions there will be if violence continues to occur from the Monarchist Party, mainly because nothing like this has ever happened before. As the Monarchists continue to get their name into the national press, they are slowly gaining support, which will benefit them in future Magnamentary and, on a smaller level, Parvamentary elections. However, some people dislike the Monarchists' preferred use of force to attack the ruling Liberals; if the party turns too much towards force, that could hurt them in the polls, too, especially in such a calm nation.
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